Creating Custom Digital Products For Leaders

Zaplogix is a progressive custom software and digital product developer that prioritizes quality over quantity. Our organization is committed to providing optimum value to our clients through a complete portfolio of software development, mobility solutions, digital marketing, and exchange data recovery tools. In the business for more than 14 years, we have earned immense expertise in our areas of interest and are constantly pushing the boundaries through creative innovation. We never shy away from trying a new approach that can provide a better solution than existing applications. Zaplogix is a value-driven enterprise that strives to better its own high standards every day.

The journey of our technology company started in 2005 when a few like-minded software professionals got together to create exchange data recovery solutions. Their motive was simple- to create an efficient and effective technology product that will make life easier for entrepreneurs. They started out with data recovery and migration tools that helped business owners protect their vital business data and also recover information that they had thought was lost for good. Once the enterprise found its footing in London, UK, it started to expand its portfolio of services to include custom software and web development. As time progressed, the organization started offering mobile app development, digital marketing services, and industry-specific solutions for major verticals such as ecommerce, healthcare, and hospitality. We are also expanding our global presence and a start has been made by opening a center in India.

Zaplogix aspired to become a global leader in the field of custom software and web development. The organization is already known as one of the best custom software development companies in India and desires to enhance its reputation in other corners of the globe. We are always focused on providing exceptional services to clients with integrity and authenticity. Our technology company fosters strong associations with patrons, partners, and other stakeholders. Our aim is to enhance our reputation even more and become the leading technology partner for all types of enterprises, from small firms to large corporations.

At Zaplogix, we are always involved in the endeavor to facilitate the growth of our clients with innovative and futuristic solutions. We create market-defining technology products and applications that help our clients gain valuable edge over the competition. Ensuring optimum customer satisfaction is our foremost desire and first priority. Every decision regarding a project is taken with an eye on providing value to the client. Our specialty lies in creating enterprise-grade solutions at competitive prices so that even small organizations can benefit from them. Zaplogix takes pride in being a fair and trustworthy technology partner to businesses. Our approach is an amalgamation of domain expertise, global benchmarks, and individual professional talent.