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Best Ecommerce Website Design & Development Services

Expand your reach and widen your customer base with attractive stores with industry-specific functionality. Get the best e-commerce web development company in India to create B2C/ B2B marketplaces to target specific audiences. Access premium-quality mobile app solutions built specifically for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Build an online store with minimum investment through ecommerce-centric development platforms. Extend the functionality of your website with effective third-party solutions and maintain it with assistance from best ecommerce web developers in India.

B2C & B2B Marketplaces

Generate good revenue by creating platforms that facilitate transactions between sellers and buyers in the B2B or B2C segment. Create an online marketplace with help from the best ecommerce development company in India. Our experienced developers will guide you through the entire process of ideating, strategizing, developing, and launching a marketplace website. They are proficient at using all the major development platforms including e commerce-specific builders to create enterprise-grade online marketplaces. Zaplogix will provide you with a focused website that is aligned with your key business goals and is designed for success.


Ecommerce App Development

Target your audiences through their favorite devices. Hire the top ecommerce store development company in India to create mobile applications for all the major platforms. Our developers have created numerous mobile apps that have been deployed on key platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows. We are the most reliable agency for creating customer-facing applications with advanced features. Enterprises also choose Zaplogix for creating applications for in-house processes such as inventory management. Make us your technology partner to develop robust, scalable, and fully secure ecommerce mobile apps that will help you generate better returns.

CMS Development

Content Management Systems (CMS) have revolutionized the world of web development. People can now use open-source and premium platforms to easily create all types of websites. Zaplogix has a vibrant CMS development section specifically for ecommerce users. In this department, developers use open-source tools such as OpenCart, PrestaShop, WordPress’ WooCommerce plugin, and Magento to build fully functional online stores. The best ecommerce web development company in India is also skilled at leveraging paid platforms such as Shopify to create feature-rich websites. Entrepreneurs working on a limited budget must get in touch with our web development agency to build an online store on a CMS platform without significant investments.


Third-party API Integration

One of the biggest challenges faced by ecommerce entrepreneurs is in integrating third-party applications with their stores. Integrating payment gateways is a critical aspect of ecommerce website development that must be conducted only by experienced professionals. At Zaplogix, we have specialists to handle third-party API integrations of all kinds. The professionals routinely manage payment gateway integrations for ecommerce entrepreneurs. This enables business owners to easily facilitate transactions on their stores in a completely secure manner. Apart from this, you can also take advantage of their expertise in seamlessly integrating other useful applications such as those meant for analytics, with your website.

Ecommerce Website Maintenance Services

Running an online store requires owners to handle multiple tasks at once. The payment gateways and shopping cart must always function in an optimized manner so that sales are not affected. Product information along with photographs must be updated constantly to provide users with an enriched shopping experience. In addition to this, the website must remain easily accessible to users across all global locations, at all times. You must outsource the support and maintenance of your online store to top ecommerce web development agencies such as Zaplogix. We have dedicated teams that work round the clock to ensure your visitors can shop in a smooth and seamless manner.