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Use trial version before you buy

Zaplogix always believe in delivering quality and reliable software to customers. We strive hard to render 100% satisfactory technical services. And, to make it sure that our customers are always satisfied with the quality of our products we always offer free trial versions of our software for customers to know the accurate processing and working capacity so that they can take their own decision whether they need it or not. Using the trial version software is entirely free of cost, and yes, anyone can take a test drive of this trial version of the software. One of the best things about the free trial version of our software is they work similar to paid, full versions but restricts you at the point where you want to save the recovered data. You can always preview the recovered data, but to proceed further, we want you to purchase the licensed version.

30 Days money back Guaranty

Don’t worry; even when you have tested the trial version, you are still eligible for our 30 days money back Guaranty policy. But this policy has some relevant terms and conditions because the refund policy is not applicable in all cases. There are some circumstances where we can’t consider your refund claim. Beloved customers, please take a look at details, regarding these instructions before you register for a refund or money back claim.

No refund Circumstances

  • If you change your thought after placing the order of our product
  • Misconstrue of the website content and fail to read the details information regarding the product
  • Lost the download link or the company email
  • You are saying Invalid license code but if it shows valid in our test
  • Requesting refund after 30 days of the purchased item
  • Not satisfied with the invoice of purchasing platform
  • Delay in license processing
  • It’s not possible to recover 100% data from corrupt memory, so if 20% is recovered then you can’t apply for a refund
  • If software doesn’t meet your system configuration or requirements

Money back guaranty Circumstances

  • Purchase a wrong product from Zaplogix but want to buy the right product from this site only
  • Purchase same product repeatedly then refund is acceptable
  • Not getting the download link to the software from the company side within 24 hours of your purchase.
  • If the support team or the software fails to fix your issue, then some amount or full amount can be refunded.
  • Software error or installation fails due to glitch in software after test

What should the customer do after refund?

After the approval of refund, you need to follow some instructions which are mentioned below.
  • First of all, uninstall or delete the product of Zaplogix immediately from your system. The company also immediately deactivates the active key which was given to you.
  • Never forget to check your account to know whether you got your refund money or not.
  • For any help, feel free to contact the support team members
Thanks, all of you for reading and understanding our money back guaranty policy. Hope this information will help you to purchase products from Zaplogix safely.

Home License Business License Corporate License Technical License
For home User(4 Systems) For Small Organization(20 Systems) For Big Organization(100 Systems) For Consultant/Organization in multiple location(Unlimited Systems)
The Home license is only meant for the personal purpose which is generally used by the user in desktop or laptop. It permits authority to activate license in two systems by the user. The business license is meant for a recognized organization.Business license permit authority to activate license in multiple systems within the organization at a single geographical location by the user. The Corporate license is meant for organizations such as corporation, company, enterprises, etc. Corporate license permit authority activate license in multiple systems within the organizations in multiple geographical locations by the user. The technical license is meant for service providers and an organization. The AMC, Data Recovery and Data Migration services providers are authorized to activate license in multiple systems within multi-organization which can be used in multiple geographical locations by the user to provide services to the customers.